“John’s counsel at the negotiating table and at the Union Offices was invaluable to our Union’s successful efforts to renegotiate our Collective Bargaining Agreement with the City. His efforts directly led to a contract extension that our membership voted for overwhelmingly, and that will benefit our members for years to come.”—

Vincent V.

“John Gilmour has always been there for me throughout twelve years of contentious proceedings in Family Court.  He has come up with livable solutions in all the cases that he’s handled for me, and has helped me keep my sanity despite many difficult times.”—

Charles P.

Carl represented me in a post-mat matter and was incredibly supportive, while extremely detailed and extremely fair and transparent throughout the entire process. I was the defendant in an action that should have been a post matrimonial issue but was actually encompassed by child custody as well. Having a background as not only a Town Judge, but also a regular consult for the school system with regard to special education matters, he was able to navigate all of the important details of the case while discarding all of the “fluff”. We did end up settling at his advice a matter I believe could have been won, however his compassion for my children as well as his instinct to save his clients’ money (as opposed to throw it away on useless bickering) truly reflect what a principled and caring individual he is, while simultaneously being a skilled and aggressive legal representative. He fought hard and did a great job.

AVVO Anonymous

Attorney Carl Morgan, is one of the best attorney’s I have ever dealt with. He handled a few of my personal business affairs, along with a few minor criminal dealing I had going on. When he represented you, he presents himself in a professional looking manner, he is respectable and he is definitely knowledgeable. Honesty is number one.

Diane Miller

Mr. Morgan was extremely helpful, knowledgeable and always available for me to speak with. He walked me through all details and aspects of what to expect and what I would need. I highly recommend his services to anyone.

Anonymous Client

Dan is all that you would hope and pray that someone would be when they have your future in their hands. I had an unusual case, one that required belief in me, attention to detail, knowledge and persistence. I met with two other Attorney’s before I retained Dan. They both were leading me towards what would have been the quick and easy resolution. That in turn would have ruined my future for many years to come. Dan, listened, investigated and fought hard on my behalf. He kept me informed throughout the process and stayed positive. Ultimately, we won my case. It was a long tough chapter of my life. I believe that most Attorney’s would have eventually directed me to plea a deal regardless of the injustice. Dan stayed the course and never wavered. I owe him a great deal of Thanks. The special circumstances of my case meant very little to most people and left me with a very slim chance.
I recommend Dan strongly and know that if your in a bad place and need an Attorney in your corner he is an Excellent Choice!!!


Life Changing

I had a very unique case that required a very knowledgeable and alert lawyer who knew how to handle a life changing charge. When I was first charged, I contacted numerous lawyers who all promised the same thing without properly acquiring all the facts.

When I had contacted Dan, there was a connection and a human touch unlike anyone I had previously communicated with. When we spoke, Dan was honest which made me feel that he was in it for more than just the business. The further the case unraveled the more serious the outcome became and the harder he fought. During the whole process Dan heard my opinions and worked with me at every turn. Without his great attention to detail I would have had a life changing outcome. With his help I was able to keep my lively hood and continue to drive. I was very fortunate with my outcome and know this cannot always be the case but without his representation I can guarantee my outcome would have been different.

Throughout one of the hardest experiences of my life Mr. Killela was there at every turn answering questions and coaching me through it. He made this whole experience much easier and would recommend him to anyone that needs help. I won’t be making the same mistake again but if there are any legal troubles in my future he is no doubt my first call.