Life Changing

I had a very unique case that required a very knowledgeable and alert lawyer who knew how to handle a life changing charge. When I was first charged, I contacted numerous lawyers who all promised the same thing without properly acquiring all the facts.

When I had contacted Dan, there was a connection and a human touch unlike anyone I had previously communicated with. When we spoke, Dan was honest which made me feel that he was in it for more than just the business. The further the case unraveled the more serious the outcome became and the harder he fought. During the whole process Dan heard my opinions and worked with me at every turn. Without his great attention to detail I would have had a life changing outcome. With his help I was able to keep my lively hood and continue to drive. I was very fortunate with my outcome and know this cannot always be the case but without his representation I can guarantee my outcome would have been different.

Throughout one of the hardest experiences of my life Mr. Killela was there at every turn answering questions and coaching me through it. He made this whole experience much easier and would recommend him to anyone that needs help. I won’t be making the same mistake again but if there are any legal troubles in my future he is no doubt my first call.