Dan is all that you would hope and pray that someone would be when they have your future in their hands. I had an unusual case, one that required belief in me, attention to detail, knowledge and persistence. I met with two other Attorney’s before I retained Dan. They both were leading me towards what would have been the quick and easy resolution. That in turn would have ruined my future for many years to come. Dan, listened, investigated and fought hard on my behalf. He kept me informed throughout the process and stayed positive. Ultimately, we won my case. It was a long tough chapter of my life. I believe that most Attorney’s would have eventually directed me to plea a deal regardless of the injustice. Dan stayed the course and never wavered. I owe him a great deal of Thanks. The special circumstances of my case meant very little to most people and left me with a very slim chance.
I recommend Dan strongly and know that if your in a bad place and need an Attorney in your corner he is an Excellent Choice!!!